Shuttle Service

It has been years already, that we collaborate with a team of well established drivers that excel in convenience and customer care. This is why we can trust them and therefore offer clarity in regards to price schemes and payment methods. Infact, you will be able to pay either at the store or in the car, either with card or cash.

Find below the price schemes for Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport and Civitavecchia port.

fiumicino airport

Fiumicino ✈️

Car : 45 euro – Van : 60 euro

ciampino airport

Ciampino ✈️

Car : 45 euro – Van : 60 euro

civitavecchia port

Civitavecchia 🚢

Car: 130 euro – Van: 140 euro

Cars can take up to 4 people with 2 suitcases and 2 trolleys included

Vans can take up to 8 people with 8 suitcases and 4 trolleys included

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